TESOL and ESL Training

AUEDTR offers a number of in-demand educational products and services to Japan. For language training, this will include Australian Government accredited TESOL, IELTS Academic, and Occupational English Test training.
As the language training industry in Japan looks to provide better trained trainers and assessors to students, TESOL trained teachers are now very much in-demand, and Australian Government accredited courses more than meet the requirements set out by current recruiters in Japan and Thailand. Introducing the very best medical English training programme to Japan and Thailand is required for the medical tourism industry, and with more foreigners living and working in Japan and Thailand, there is a massive demand for accredited Australian medical English programmes in Japan and Thailand.  As IELTS Academic and business communication programmes come under the microscope for flexibility and quality, AUEDTR has made the highest quality Australian programmes available and has a team of highly qualified and accredited trainers available to develop and edit programmes to suit the needs of both students and business professionals.