Australian ELICOS Experience

Gold Coast ELICOS Experience Proposal

Australian ELICOS Experience
OET Curriculum  
IELTS Curriculum  

Advantages for students:

  • Affiliated with NEAS and English Australia;
  • Direct flights from many countries to the Gold Coast and Brisbane (one train ride to the Gold Coast);
  • Students can go to Australia for study on a tourist visa for a period of up to three months;
  • For OET, healthcare professionals and education provider seminars on studying and working in the Australian healthcare industry each week;
  • All teaching staff in Japan must meet the Australian standards, which are listed at: [Our TESOL graduates act as trainers];
  • [Optional] Complete the IELTS or OET test in Australia*;

This will be a massive boost to the Australian education sector as students will have built up the confidence in Japan to feel they can receive the full benefits of studying obverseas.