Controlled Speaking Practice (Part 7)

A few things to check out here:

Controlled Practice Activities:;

Everybody Take Your Turn:

So now we should be thinking how much freedom we want to give in order to get the structure of our sample role-plays we will have students complete.

The goal of our controlled speech activity will be to have students focus on accuracy.

What is accuracy?

Check out the presentations and handouts on accuracy:

So when drawing up your activity for your controlled speech activity (in simple dot points please!), think how to keep students on track with accuracy.

You will also need to have a visual resource for students. I would suggest a copy of a speech and/ or a worksheet handout. As our example lesson will be on the IELTS exam, there are thousands, if not millions, of sources of information for this proposed part of the lesson.

AND DO NOT FORGET! We are planning to introduce intonation, pitch, stress, so use these in our accuracy exercise.

And check our resourse:

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