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IELTS Academic Reading Passage Lesson [FREE and ONLINE]

2020-11-15@7:30 pm - 8:30 pm UTC+9

IELTS Academic Reading Passage Lesson [FREE and ONLINE]

IELTS Academic Reading Passage
Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Teacher: Mr. Akiyuki Kaneko
Email: eikaiwafree@gmail.com

Date: November 15, 2020, 7:30PM JAPAN TIME JST

** Timezones ** Do you understand what timezones are? Please check* https://time.is/JST and https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/. If you do not understand what timezones are, please email the teacher.

Lesson Plans

“Reading Passage: https://bit.ly/3oPJpj9

5 min
First, have students guess a title for this passage. Then, have them skim the text very briefly by reading only the first sentence of each paragraph. Then, elicit from them the commonest word: climb. This way, even if there is no title provided for a passage, it is possible to guess what is the key word for a passage.

10 min
Before starting to read the passage, have students go over Questions 27 – 32, and elicit from them what they are the key words. Also, have them say synonyms for those key words so that they can predict what kind of words and/or expressions are used in the passage.

27 Examples of the impact of climbers on ecosystems(nature, environment)
28 An account of how politics(law, government) affected rock climbing
29 A less dangerous(safer, less risky) alternative to climbing rock faces
30 A recommendation for better regulation(law, rules)
31 A reference to a climber who did not use any tools or ropes for assistance
32 Examples of different types of people who use the outdoors for recreation

Students are highly recommended to make it a habit to think of synonyms and put words into smaller or bigger categories.

20 min
Have one student read one paragraph to read the whole passage. As we go along, students are encouraged to say key words for each paragraph and summarize each paragraph in terms of the key word: climbing, which they spotted in the very first activity.

10 min
To answer Questions 33 – 39, first have students specify which paragraph corresponds to which box. (Paragraphs B, C, D, and E) Have them do group work in classrooms or in breakout rooms when on Zoom.

5 min
To answer question 40, students are encouraged to recall what are the key words and how they summarized each paragraph in the activities.

10 min
Wrap-up. Those who would like to reach 5.5 are to achieve 6/14 and those who would like to reach 6.5 are to achieve 9/14. ”

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7:30 pm - 8:30 pm UTC+9

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