Genre Transfers (Part 8)

Genre transfer is a simple concept.

By now you would have found quality speaking resources for our lesson, and developed some exercises to support understanding tone, pitch, and intonation in our speaking.

Check out: and:

What we aim to do in transferring the genre is take the old exercise and the main objective and exercises we attached to it, and now give the students a similar task.

Do not change the genre if we are using a genre text. 

If for IELTS Speaking, go here:

Look how many samples there are (12?).

If we were to plan a speaking exercise using the first speaking practice exercise, what could we do to transfer our students’ knowledge to a new situation?

Pick speaking exercise 2, 3, 4, or 10, any of them will be fine to choose. Remember to keep our objectives the same:

  1. What was our original lesson’s objective? Something to do with intonation, pitch, stress? Then we would still place an emphasis on these objectives. The new practice exercise may just introduce a new situation or context.


  1. Check out two examples of IELTS General or Academic Speaking Tests.
  2. Compare the two examples, tell us what makes them different; is it the context? The situation? Is there a difference in the activity request?
  3. Post your answers with links to your sample practice speaking texts to: