Have you tried REWORDIFY?

About Rewordify.com

I created this site to help more people understand more of what they read.

For ten years, I’ve been teaching English to people who need to work very hard to understand what they read.

My students are interesting, perceptive people who understand (for example) what pollution is, but they don’t understand what chronic, pervasive atmospheric toxicity means.

Dictionaries don’t help my students much, because dictionaries define toxicity as the quality of being toxic. They define pervasive as the tendency to permeate.

This sort of thing frustrates people who work hard to understand what they read, so they don’t look up what words mean. They’re not lazy. In fact, they’re efficient: they don’t waste their time doing something that doesn’t help them. How many times would you flip a switch if it never turned on a light?

So, I created this site to give everyone a different way to learn words. It takes away the insurmountably abstruse terms that impede orthographically semiotic recognition hard words and replaces them with a cognitively facilitative lexicon easy words, keeping as much of the original meaning as possible.

The site gently introduces people to new words, teaches them what they mean, and gives them the power to change the way the site works to fit their learning style.

By creating this site, I’m trying to break the nonreader cycle:

Nonreader cycle image

This site makes reading less scary, making it more likely that people will read more.

I’m a public school teacher, and I pay for this site’s operation out of my own pocket. (Note: it’s not cheap.) Please help me out by using it only for your own personal use or for that of your students.

Rewordifying Engine

Original text:
(note the words beamedattitudecompositiongall, and galling, which are used multiple times.)
John beamed because, as the sunlight beamed through the window, the beamed ceiling allowed the beamed signal into his house. Don’t give me any attitude; your attitude will improve with Rewordify.com. Susan played a violin composition, then wrote an English composition, then displayed her oil composition that showed the changing chemical composition of the air. I don’t mean to gall you with my gall. Am I galling you with my galling story?
Rewordified text:
John smiled because, as the sunlight (shined/shone) through the window, the (with wooden or steel beams) ceiling allowed the transmitted signal into his house. Don’t give me any (angry, disrespectful behavior); your (point of view/way of behaving) will improve with Rewordify.com. Susan played a violin (complex piece of music), then wrote an English (written work), then displayed her oil (work of art/artistic combining of elements) that showed the changing (percentages of different chemicals within a substance) of the air. I don’t mean to badly upset you with my rude boldness. Am I badly upsetting you with my upsetting/terrible story?

Our Rewordifying Engine is the brain behind Rewordify.com, and no other web site has it.

May we brag for a moment? Look at the table to the right. Do you see how Rewordify.com changed how words are simplified depending on how they’re used?

Our Rewordifying Engine is not a simple synonym replacer—it’s a sophisticated natural language processing system. It understands how words and phrases are used. It changes definitions based on context. It preserves parts of speech and verb tenses. It looks at whole phrases as well as words. It knows how to simplify over 58,000 different words and phrases, and it gets better every day.

Are you tired of using a dictionary? Tired of being told the word abstrusity means the quality of being abstruse? Tired of looking up adverbs like forlornly and getting definitions for adjectives like forlorn? You’ll love Rewordify.com. It simplifies and teaches language with easy words that make sense, for faster, better understanding.

Try doing this with a dictionary:

Ok, we can’t help ourselves. We want to show off just one more time. Copy-paste the following silly paragraph into our home page and rewordify it. Keep an eye on the words capture / capturing / captured, and the words mint / mints.

Copy-paste this paragraph into our home page and rewordify it:The enemy captured many soldiers. The captured army soldier, after waiting, secretly captured pictures that captured the war zone. Her invention will capture carbon dioxide and will capture the silver medal. She captured her friend’s chess pieces and then, after capturing more footage, she captured our hearts. Her friend made a mint while chewing a mint. He tried to mint quarters and sell these quarters to the Philadelphia Mint. He liked mint tea and studying mint leaves while working on Linux Mint. But, the breath mints he always mints don’t taste like mint chip ice cream and don’t earn him mints. This was a demonstration of Rewordify.com’s amazing Rewordifying Engine. You can’t do this with a dictionary!