The International English Language Testing System

TESOL Japan has designed an IELTS test training package that will deliver high quality training to both students and professionals who need to sit the IELTS exam or improve their English skills for academic or professional purposes. Classes are intensive and provide the tips and tricks to help you pass your exam quickly and effectively. Quality in training can be guaranteed as all trainers are qualified to the Australian standards.
The IELTS Test Preparation part-time class provides students with great flexibility as each evening focuses on a particular skill and students can decide which skill(s) they wish to focus on. It is ideal for students who clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses, especially for those who have taken IELTS test before and would like to focus on a particular band. We partner with vocational colleges and universities to run our own in-house customizable IELTS Academic test training programme. We have the ability to develop a curriculum for your institution's needs as we have qualified TESOL and Academic staff on hand to facilitate any specialized requests.

IELTS Academic Case Study 
Mayumi needed an IELTS Academic score of 6.0 in order to enrol in a master degree programme at a prestigious university in Tokyo.  After studying IELTS part-time for one year and taking two intensive mode workshops, she was able to score 6.5 on the IELTS Academic test and therefore could enrol in her chosen master degree programme. Mayumi was able to take IELTS Academic classes around her work schedule, making it simple for her to complete her IELTS studies. As Mayumi scored 6.5 in her IELTS exam, she decided to study her master degree in computer science in Australia, and will return to work in the international section of one of Japan's top technology companies in 2020.


IELTS Intensive-Mode Class

 We also offer a 5 day Intensive course perfect for exam preparation. Intensive IELTS Academic test training programmes are based around one macroskill and run throughout the year. These classes are ideal for those who need training in one particular skill set in the IELTS Academic text or have time during the year to spend three to four days straight on studying IELTS.

By choosing an IELTS part-time preparation course you will:

・Develop an understanding of the test format.
・Develop effective strategies for the listening and reading tests.  
・Learn how to improve your speaking.

・Learn how to construct effective writing tasks.
・Practice tests with feedback sessions.
・Can pair with part-time Business English training to suit the modern entrepreneur.