TESOL Japan Pricing and Payment Information

TESOL Training

Cert IV in TESOL:  JPY140,000

2 x JPY70,000 payments.

Diploma in TESOL:   JPY240,000

3 x JPY80,000 payments.

Other payment plans are available for those working at ALT and English school companies in Japan, please contact us now for more information.

If paying by Bitcoin:

- We will send you an invoice in Bitcoin or AUD, you decide.

- You will be sent a Bitcoin address, this is your account number.

- You will choose at the start to pay in the AUD$ amount or immediate BTC amount.

- You will pay 0.1BTC or AUD$500 up front, depending if you wish to pay in the AUD$ or BTC amount.

- You can use services such as https://changelly.com/ or https://simpleswap.io/ to swap other cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin.

If paying by other means:

- For international students, please use https://wise.com/ for all transfers.

- For Australian students, please use bank deposit (details will be sent to you).

- For Students who want to pay by PayPal, an invoice will be sent to you.

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Semi-private online IELTS/ OET training*

Up to 2 people
1 Month/ 4 Times: 30,000 Yen
1 Month/ 8 Times: 50,000 Yen

You will receive a monthly invoice. Payment is by Japan Post bank account only.

Private man-to-man lessons
1 Month/ 4 Times: 40,000 Yen 
1 Month/ 8 Times: 70,000 Yen

You will receive a monthly invoice. Payment is by Japan Post bank account only.

Digital innovation and transformation consultancy*

Digital innovation and transformation consultation:

33,000 yen per hour (minimum 6 hours).

This includes the cost of consulting with professional coders, programmers, and blockchain specialists.


*All prices exclude taxes