OET 2.0 Writing Exercise Two – Selecting Relevant Case Notes

OET 2.0 Writing Exercise Two - Select Relevant Case Notes Sample Test One [Student Lesson] Test Sample One: http://bit.ly/2CiFO6h


Copy of OET 2.0 Writing Exercise Two - Select Relevant Case Notes Sample Test One [Student Lesson] Test Sample Two: http://bit.ly/2WGA3bF

Take the test samples from: https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/preparation-portal/free-sample-tests/

Choose test one and test two samples from the nursing section.

Videos to help you:


How do we fill out a lesson plan? Check out:


Please do not forget to make presentations. Make on in your Google Drive, then add it to the lesson plan resources/ materials section.

You also need to make a worksheet, I recommend one accuracy exercise and one fluency exercise in your worksheet.

Accuracy vs Fluency: http://tesol.boards.net/thread/57/accuracy-fluency

Fluency Exercises: http://tesol.boards.net/thread/75/fluency-activities

You can find the OET folder at: http://bit.ly/2AWkZfZ

Open the OET folder, then look for the session plan.

You can download a blank session plan at: http://bit.ly/2UtOv9c

The exercise planning document may be helpful too: http://bit.ly/30Uyzev

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