OET Teacher Training for Test Preparation

OET Weekly #5: Preparing Students for a Practice Test

[Whole document: http://bit.ly/OETWKLY]

This week we will take a session plan and design a test preparation exercise around it. This is probably the most important kind of session plan you will make for OET.

What is OET about? Getting a high score to prove you are competent enough in medical English to communicate with English speaking patients.

How is OET tested? By an exam, simple!

So, we shall take a made session plan:

1.2 OET 2.0 Writing Exercise Two – Select Relevant Case Notes: http://bit.ly/36goBIo

We shall take the test sample template: http://bit.ly/2PuHzVK

Download it, put it in your own Google Drive please.

What is the objective of the session plan? (You should be able to find it)

What are we preparing for in this session plan?

Read through the session plan exercises, get a feel for what we are to do during the session.

Now turn our attention to the test sample exercise.

Look at the session plan, we are using:

Other Sample Nursing Tests: http://bit.ly/2Gd8DDT; Occupation Samples Worksheet: http://bit.ly/2UwzDH5

We have used Nur 1, 2, 3, in our session plan. So in our test sample, we should use Nur 4. If students have struggled in the session plan, we can also use Nur 1, 2, 3, again, this is a professional judgement call. You can also use test samples on the OET website.

What we need to do now is think how to prepare students to select relevant case notes.

I may end up going over the session plan with students if time allows. Remember, preparation is everything! We may end up going over the session plan exercise ten times before we sit the practice test. We may use ten different test samples in the sessions as well, we may use the same sample lesson five times if we need to really develop the skills for students who are not confident or competent in selecting relevant case notes yet. Again, professional decision, and this is why TESOL graduates will be the only ones allowed to be our trainers.

We first go through the preparation by telling students about the test conditions. This is important because students will sit the exam in the future.

Now it seems like we are not doing alot in this test sample session plan, so what we shall do now is introduce an accuracy and fluency exercise between test preparation and test settings.

What accuracy exercise will you introduce for selecting relevant case notes?

What fluency exercise will you use to introduce selecting relevant case notes?

So to design our accuracy/ fluency exercises, let’s use our template:

Plenty here to have students ready to complete a practice test. They will probably do terribly on the first one, but after a few will understand how to complete it. The more we practice, the better we get!

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