Phonetic Symbols for English

Phonetic symbols for English

This is the standard set of phonemic symbols for English.


1.  /p/ pen, copy, happen

2. /b/ back, baby, job

3. /t/ tea, tight, button

4. /d/ day, ladder, odd

5. /k/ key, clock, school

6. /g/ get, giggle, ghost

7. /tʃ/ church, match, nature

8. /dʒ/ judge, age, soldier

9. /f/ fat, coffee, rough, photo

10. /v/ view, heavy, move

11. /Θ/ thing, author, path

12. / ð/ this, other, smooth

13. /s/ soon, cease, sister

14. /z/ zero, music, roses, buzz

15. /ʃ/ ship, sure, national

16. /ʒ/ pleasure, vision

17. /h/ hot, whole, ahead

18. /m/ more, hammer, sum

19. /n/ nice, know, funny, sun

20 /ŋ/ ring, anger, thanks, sung

21. /l/ light, valley, feel

22. /r/ right, wrong, sorry, arrange

23. /j/ yet, use, beauty, few

24. /w/ wet, one, when, queen

25. /ʔ/ (glottal stop) department, football


1. /ɪ/ kit, bid, hymn, minute

2. /e/ dress, bed, head, many

3. /æ/ trap, bad

4. /ɒ/ lot, odd, wash

5. /ʌ/ strut, mud, love, blood

6. /ʊ/ foot, good, put

7. /iː/ fleece, sea, machine

8. /eɪ/ face, day, break

9. /aɪ/ price, high, try

10. /ɔɪ/ choice, boy

11. /uː/ goose, two, blue, group

12. /əʊ/ goat, show, no

13. /aʊ/ mouth, now

14. /ɪə/ near, here, weary

15. /eə/ square. fair, various

16. /ɑː/ start, father

17. /ɔː/ thought, law, north, war

18. /ʊə/ poor, jury, cure

19. /ɜː/ nurse, stir, learn, refer

20. /ə/ about, common, standard

21. /i/ happy, radiate. glorious

22. /u/ thank you, influence, situation

23. /n̩/ suddenly, cotton

24. /l̩/ middle, metal