Pronunciation Lesson Part 2

We have our sample:

[Pronunciation Lesson Example] Speaking Lesson Plan Template: 

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#1 Fluency and coherence: Your ability to speak fluently without hesitation, repetition or loss of ideas.

#2 Lexical resource: The range and accuracy of your vocabulary.

#3 Grammatical range and accuracy: Your ability to speak using accurate complex and simple sentences without serious grammatical errors.

#4 Pronunciation: Your ability to be understood when you speak


Below are some useful tips for test-day preparation:

Tip #1  Develop your answers by giving examples. This means using personal experiences or knowledge to add more information to your answers and keep your speech fluid.

Tip #2  Give your opinion. This will show the examiner that you can think in English and express yourself on a variety of topics.

Tip #3  Keep your speech fluent. Try to stick to things you know so you don’t get stuck. This will also show the examiner that you can speak at length without too much hesitation.

Tip #4  Ask for clarification. This is not a listening test. If you don’t hear a question, or don’t understand it, it is totally acceptable to ask the examiner to repeat or explain the question. This means you will be able to answer it properly.

Tip #5  Although you need to be prepared, try not to repeat memorized answers. You will come across as robotic and unnatural. The examiner will also know and will change the questions.

We have so much we can teach now.

What will be our objective for this lesson? Write your answer here:

[NOTE: Anyone writing something NOT pronunciation related, such as tone, pitch, stress, intonation, will not be able to complete this lesson]

NOW we are speaking, not writing, so will we be focusing on a text genre? We could do. If this lesson is about preparing a speech for a table or graph we would use an explanation genre, but this is a GENERAL INTERVIEW, so we may be just using a general focus, so we could just write in INTERVIEW for the text type for now.

Keep up: [Pronunciation Lesson Example] Speaking Lesson Plan Template: 

This does NOT mean we have nothing to write about for BKOF. We have heaps we can write about.

Think about an interview, how could we introduce an example [text and register] to our students? Write a few dot points here about activities we could use [R/W/L/S all OK]:

What is R/W/L/S? Ask here: 

[To be continued]