TESOL Handouts Update

TESOL related worksheets and handouts [U1-U14]: http://bit.ly/U1U14

Please look through all handouts:

Culture and Learning Handouts [U1]: http://bit.ly/2Ua6Gzg 

Teach Genre and Grammar Handouts [U2/3]: http://bit.ly/2S1BVKk 

Teach Spelling and Pronunciation [U4]: http://bit.ly/2U9c7P8 

Teach Speaking Handouts [U5]: http://bit.ly/2ugnZ7u 

Teach Listening Handouts [U6]: http://bit.ly/2SA5yCM  

Teach Reading Handouts [U7]: http://bit.ly/3bMzjc2 

Teach Writing Handouts [U8]: http://bit.ly/2vLGwsm 

Developing Resource Files [U9]: http://bit.ly/2HGKuoR  

Approaches and Methodologies in TESOL Handouts [U10]: http://bit.ly/2uNWxyd  

Design and Teach an ESL Syllabus Handouts [U11]: http://bit.ly/327nuZH 

Assess ESL Learning Handouts [U12]: http://bit.ly/37GepbA 

Teaching EAP Handouts [U13]: http://bit.ly/37EuI8L 

Teaching ESP Handouts [U14]: http://bit.ly/2HD329z  

(All handouts and presentations: https://bit.ly/TSLWKST)

These resources will help you design World class lesson plans:

Designing a Writing Lesson Presentation: http://bit.ly/2T3de0p
Writing Lesson Plan Template: http://bit.ly/2T8Iz21

Designing a Speaking Lesson Presentation: http://bit.ly/37SrJJL
Speaking Lesson Plan Template: http://bit.ly/2GqCfgm

Designing a Listening Lesson Presentation: http://bit.ly/390wnqs
Listening Lesson Plan Template: http://bit.ly/2SOe2ra

Designing a Reading Lesson Presentation: http://bit.ly/2HLyHpq
Reading Lesson Plan Template: http://bit.ly/2HGTEC2

All ESL/ EAL folders: https://bit.ly/ESLFLDRS / TAE Set:  http://bit.ly/TAETMPLTS
(NOTE: Do not use them! You can copy them and add your name to the end of the document title. If you do not understand this, do not use them please. Keep your versions of any presentation and/ or handout in the same folder you got it from please.)

Our social media TESOL group chats:

Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/TESOLQA 

Telegram: https://t.me/TESOLJAPAN 

WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/C33VGdBByzfGt5DQudRERm 

Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/group/EvejAXReu8Z4ohUZ8 

LINE: https://line.me/ti/g2/zs0pifGAWBlprVpCz4fTiw 

We also have a private Facebook chat, but you will need to message me for the link (https://m.me/DCRAUS), Please join all and discuss all TESOL exercises, handouts, presentations and worksheets with other TESOL students and trainers, thank you!