Time Zone Information

Please check the time zone for the lesson, for example:

Go to https://time.is, search for a city. After you have found the city you want to check, click the more info button, and it will tell you the UTC number.

Melbourne, Australia: https://time.is/Melbourne, https://time.is/Melbourne#time_zone  (UTC+11).

Tokyo, Japan: https://time.is/Tokyo, https://time.is/Tokyo#time_zone (UTC +9).

Bangkok, Thailand: https://time.is/Bangkok, https://time.is/Bangkok#time_zone (UTC +7).

Yangon, Myanmar: https://time.is/Yangon, https://time.is/Yangon#time_zone (UTC +6:30).

New York, USA: https://time.is/NewYork, https://time.is/New_York#time_zone (UTC -5).

Jakarta, Indonesia: https://time.is/Jakarta; https://time.is/Jakarta#time_zone (UTC +7).

AWST (Perth): https://time.is/AWST; https://time.is/AWST#time_zone (UTC +8).

What is your time zone? Can you find it on https://time.is .

Also try comparing your time zone with another time zone: https://time.is/compare .

You can also try using Google:

What is the time now in Tokyo, Japan? https://www.google.com/search?q=time+compare+tokyo

What is the time now in Melbourne, Australia? https://www.google.com/search?q=time+compare+melbourne+australia

What is the time now in Bangkok, Thailand? https://www.google.com/search?q=time+compare+bangkok+thailand

How easy is this link to make? LOOK! Go to Google Search, and type in 'COMPARE TIME IN TOKYO JAPAN' for Tokyo, Japan, 'COMPARE TIME IN BANGKOK THAILAND' FOR Bangkok, Thailand, and 'COMPARE TIME IN MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA' for Melbourne, Australia, simple!

So, remember to check the time zone (UTC) for the lessons at:


If a student could copy this document and send it to people who want to know time zone information, it would be appreciated, thanks!


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