LTi David

David Robertson


> Turning a traditional business into a digital enterprise, an absolute necessity in the 21st century.
> Project management, including agile and waterfall project management methodologies.
> Business intelligence, including statistics, big data, security, AI, and tech options for intelligence systems.
> Planning to work on digital innovation for small to medium enterprises.
> Developing business plans for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for POS business transactions and asset accumulation.
> Coordinating technical innovation and transformation experts and programmers to work on digital innovation projects.
> Develop connections between Australia, American, and Japanese SME entrepreneurs who want to coordinate and cooperate on projects. This will be set up under the name ‘Ripple Digital’, an Australian registered digital innovation business.


> Holds a Masters of Applied Linguistics, with a specialisation in TESOL (

> Licensed Australian Government (ASQA) accredited trainer and assessor (

> Runs Australian Government accredited TESOL traininer programmes in both Japan and Australia.

> Has created over 200 handouts and resources for teacher training development.

> Has written extensive guides on planning and preparation for ESL lesson plans. > American Medical Writers Association accredited Medical Writer.

> Has written Syllabi for English Conversation I, English Oral Communication I, and English Intermediate Oral Skills I.