Transferring the Genre

Transferring the genre

This is part of the joint construction of a speaking lesson, and is where students are learning about genre, spoken or written.

We have already chosen the text as part of our lesson, now students will look at a new text or subject matter, we will NOT be changing the genre.

If we are running a procedure genre exercise, we will still stick to a procedure, but introduce new names, places, etc.

So, a good example will be a procedure to fill a car with oil.

What could be a fantastic genre transer?

Do motorcycles need to be filled with gasoline? Yes, of course.

So we may ask students to prepare a role-play based on filling a motorcycle with gasoline.

We will ask students to change some words around that will be required to turn the lesson text based on filling a car with oil.

Not rocket science, and a great way to keep the conversations going.