TESOL Graduate Recruitment for Japan

Since the Ad-Hoc Council on Education convened by Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro in 1984, reforms have been implemented to improve the ESL teaching environment in Japan. In 2003, for example, a government action plan was introduced to cultivate “Japanese people with English-speaking abilities.” The Abe government’s 2020 reforms call for an increase in the number of specialized staff trained to teach English at all institutional levels of education in Japan.

For all Australians who have graduated with degrees in teaching, linguistics, or TESOL, we offer a recruit enrolment application for those who wish to work in Japan. We then send this to all major recruitment companies in Japan when they are recruiting for new teachers. We only accept those from fields related to education as other companies specialize in recruiting people from non-education/ TESOL backgrounds.There are also opportunities to go on to teach in colleges after around two years of working in Japan where only those with TESOL related qualifications are considered.

The conditions for recruitment are as follows:

Participants should be of native English speaking background and education;

Be a university graduate where the medium of instruction is English;

Have completed an ASQA accredited Cert.IV or Diploma in TESOL or;

Have completed qualifications in teaching, education, linguistics, or TESOL;

Recruitment events will be advertised to all TESOL graduates.

Australian universities can get behind us by not only promoting this recruitment registration to students, but also to allow us to hold seminars at their premises once a year.

David Robertson MAAL (TESOL), TAE, Dip.TESOL, MBA(C). Global Business Resources Japan.

Teacher Form: http://bit.ly/TSLTCHFM