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The Australian Education Training and Resource Centre, Japan

AUEDTR is putting together to develop the foundational English program for Southeast Asian students who would like to study in Australia and New Zealand.

This comprehensive program spans four years, with a daily commitment of just 15-30 minutes. Starting at the beginning of the junior year of high school, the course aims to equip students with the necessary language skills to excel academically and integrate seamlessly into the Australian university system. By completing this course before the end of their third year of university study in their home country, students will have a solid foundation in English language proficiency.

Australian Education and Training Resource Centre

To further enhance their language abilities, students will embark on an intensive 28-day English course in Australia. This immersive experience will provide them with invaluable exposure to the country’s culture, customs, and linguistic nuances. Upon completion of the training, students will have the flexibility to choose any Australian university for their higher education, allowing them to pursue their desired master’s degree program.

Australian Education and Training Resource Centre

The comprehensive nature of this course ensures that students not only meet the minimum academic requirements for Australian universities but also possess the language proficiency needed to succeed in their chosen field of study.

A significant benchmark is the ability to pass the IELTS test, a widely recognized assessment of English language competence for university entrance. By the end of their training, students will have honed their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to the level required to excel in this examination.

This foundational English course will empower aspiring students, providing them with the necessary tools to pursue their dreams of higher education in Australia. The combination of long-term online instruction and an immersive experience in Australia will create a holistic learning environment, fostering linguistic growth and cultural understanding. With this course, students will embark on a transformative educational journey, enabling them to thrive academically and contribute meaningfully to their future endeavors.