Writing Activities: 1. Letter to the Editor

Writing Activities

1. Letter to the editor

Material: A series of recent newspapers in English

Direct learners to the letters to the editors page of the newspaper. Ask them to read some of the letters and discuss in pairs which ones they find most interesting/ controversial/ easy to understand. Feedback on this as a class. There is often one or more letters in the letter to the editor section that can spark discussion or a controversy.

Now ask learners to write their own letter to the editor. They can respond to one of the letters on the page, or they can write about a recent news item. They must write between 25 and 75 words. When they have finished, ask them to compare letters with a partner and try to peer correct any big mistakes. Circulate and monitor. Then post the letters to the editor around the class. If someone responded to an earlier letter then they should copy and cut out the original letter to which they are responding.