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Study TEFL and TESOL in Pattaya

The International TESOL Certificate equips aspiring English language teachers with the necessary skills to teach English globally. The program includes eight modules covering cultural sensitivity, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and online teaching. It also involves practical placement to gain real-life teaching experience. The course is flexible, self-paced, and offers comprehensive resources and support from qualified trainers. Graduates receive internationally recognized certification, ideal for those seeking careers as ESL teachers, online tutors, or volunteer educators.

The International Certificate of English Language Teaching (TESOL) offers flexible study options. The full-time program lasts 6 months, with 9 hours per week, totaling 200 course hours. The part-time program extends over 12 months, with 4 hours per week, also totaling 200 course hours.

The 11021NAT Certificate IV in English Language Teaching (TESOL) provides a comprehensive education for aspiring ESL teachers. This Australian Government accredited qualification covers essential teaching skills, from cultural sensitivity to specialised online teaching techniques. With a variety of electives, the program allows you to tailor your learning to your career goals. You’ll benefit from world-class resources and dedicated support from qualified trainers, preparing you to teach in traditional classrooms, online platforms, or as a volunteer. This internationally recognized qualification is ideal for those aiming to teach in Australia or abroad.

The Certificate IV in English Language Teaching (TESOL) offers both full-time and part-time options. The full-time program spans 12 months with 13 hours per week, totaling 580 to 650 course hours depending on the chosen electives. The part-time program extends over 18 months, with 9 hours per week, also totaling 580 to 650 course hours (depending on elective chosen).

Upon successfully completing their respective qualification, graduates can receive assistance in applying to work in Thailand provided they have a bachelor’s degree in any field. Graduates’ resumes and certificates will be sent to various recruiters who will contact them about employment opportunities. Additionally, graduates can utilise other online employment services to search for jobs. This process ensures that graduates have multiple avenues to secure teaching positions in Thailand and other countries.
To apply, please visit and select the online option. When completing your application, kindly inform LTi of your intention to undertake your practical placement in Pattaya by mentioning ‘David Pattaya’.

For those interested in completing their practical placement in Pattaya, this option is available to you. The estimated cost for your stay in Pattaya is approximately AUD $1500 per month. This cost covers accommodation, motorcycle rental (please ensure you obtain an international driver’s permit prior to arrival), and food. An assistant will be provided to make all arrangements on your behalf.

Courses are offered by Language Training Institute (LTi), an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 30173).

Please contact David on WhatsApp for more information: